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These music files are free for personal (non-commercial) use.  If you wish to use any of my music in your own project/production, please contact me first and we can discuss a licence agreement based on the type of project.

Return to the Pyramid

Duration - 5:02

This is a revised version of "My Pyramid or Yours" from my CD "Explorer".  For this recording I replaced the electric guitar with some authentic middle-Eastern instruments.  Also featured is a mandola performed by my good friend Enrico "Ecliptic" Cervi.

Holiday for Mr. Anderson

Duration - 2:40

A tribute to the music of David Rose and Leroy Anderson inspired by music like "The Sleigh Ride" (Anderson), "The Waltzing Cat" (Anderson) and "Holiday for Strings" (Rose).  Received 3rd place in the SoundsOnline December 2006 music demo competition which awarded me an EastWest music product and a chance to test some of their new products before they hit the market.


Duration - 2:52

An upbeat, celebratory track with a traditional Chinese setting.  The instrumentation includes Erhu and Dizi as well as several non-Chinese instruments such as the Koto, Shamisen and Taiko drums (Japan). I composed this for the SoundsOnline May 2006 "Ethnic" contest and finished in second place!

The Castle Garden

Duration - 3:30

A symphonic piece with a hint of medieval, composed for the SoundsOnline April 2006 contest.  They asked for entries with a romantic theme and I've had this melody bouncing around in my head for the past few years.  The music describes a man (possibly a squire) who meets the girl he's fallen in love with (a worker at the castle) in the garden, where he finally finds the courage to tell her how he feels.  Of course, she feels the same way about him and they leave hand-in-hand.  "The Castle Garden" tied for first place with two other entries during the initial voting, but then fell behind during the tie-breaker round of votes.

Misty Cove: A Forest Song

Duration - 5:11

This is a live performance, recorded in 1999 and remastered in 2006.  Susan McLellan is the soloist (flute), accompanied by Judi Leveque on piano.  The theme itself is part of a soundtrack idea I've been working on for many years and represents a village deep in an ancient forest bordered on one side by a great canyon and on all other sides by mountains.  The original recording contains many unwanted clicks and other unwanted noises, but I've cleaned it up in Adobe Audition and done some post-processing to improve the listening experience.

Nocturne #1

Duration - 5:24

A classical/romantic style track featuring a piano, string section, oboe, flute, and clarinet.  The piano part was written on paper in 1999 but this particular arrangement was created in December 2005 to be used as background music for a small video production in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Hamlet's House (Theme)

Duration - 0:54

This is the themesong for the pilot episode of a TV show "Hamlet's House" made for my friend Andrea Norberg's class project.  She asked me to write something that sounds deliberately like "I'll Be There For You" by the Rembrandts, but still manages to sound a bit different.  This was recorded in 2004 with me playing the bass and guitar parts.

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