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Standing Close (Original Release)

This track was made in 1995.  I was borrowing a guitar from my friend Mike and I taught myself how to play several simple chords on it.

It is interesting in that there is one note that sustains through pretty much the entire song.  This is a premise used in Scottish bagpipe music and also in Asian-Indian music.

(The note is a G, if anybody is curious.)

I might consider remaking this track with some live instruments as some future project.

Here are the original release notes:

()--- MOD info ---()
Firstly, I'd like to thank the following people for their comments and
moral support!

- Hot Shot                 - Aristotelis Gramma
- $LiNG$hOT                - Philip Jocks
- Dave W. Beauvais         - Members of \/\/esTower
- Raymond Burt-frost

Please forgive me if I havn't been keeping in touch very well, things
have been terribly busy in this little corner of the world.

About "Standing Close":

All the guitar samples were played by myself and sampled at 26 khz.
(Bigtime thanks to ByteCrusher for lending me his guitar.)  I would
have used an acoustic, but I rather liked the sound the electric
produced, and I didn't have an acoustic handy...

Bass samples done by myself as well, thanks to my father for letting me
sneak off with his Squire!!  Sampled at 22 khz.

The drums, except for the open hihat and crash cymbal which I got from
my sample library, were taken off a Boss DR-220A (Dr.Rhythm) drum machine.
Sampled at 26 khz.

The background synth chords are from my Yamaha PSR-38 (fossilized) keyboard.
Sampled at 22 khz.

Melody instruments taken from various places...  I remember the flute being
from that old DeluxeMusic program.

Total work time: 13-15 hours.

Written with OctaMED V6, and converted to MOD with an earlier version of
MED and ProTracker.

Computer Setup:  Amiga 3000 68030/68882 with 5Mb RAM (1 meg CHIP) and a
                 106Mb HD (Which is rapidly getting full.)


Released MODs:
Name:                   Filename:      Year:  Where on Aminet:  Style:
~~~~                    ~~~~~~~~       ~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~
Adventure               adven.lha      1992   mods/pro          Fantasy
Nymph(Waltz)            ctp-nymph.lha  1993   mods/pro          Orchestral
Tornado                 tornado.lha    1993   mods/pop          Rock
Guardian of the Angel   gota.lha       1994   mods/pop          Weird
Idol                    idol.lha       1994   mods/pro          Rock (pop)
Freedom of Choice       fochoice.lha   1994   mods/pro          Rock
Counterpoint            ctpoint.lha    1995   mods/pro          Rock (pop)
Emotional Storm     EmotionalStorm.lha 1995   mods/pro          Orchestral
LightYear               lightyear.lha  1995   mods/pro          Rock
Standing Close          ctp-stnd.lha   1995   mods/pro          Slow Rock


Coming Attractions:

Effigy (Idol II) -- idol2.lha  (Most likely in mods/pro)

See you in the next release!

- Matt "Counterpoint" McLellan


I should also mention that this track was inspired by Jogeir Liljedahl's famous "Guitar Slinger" MOD.  :)  I tried to make "Standing Close" sound more like a love song though.

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Standing Close (MED Release)

This version of Standing Close is extended a bit with a string intro before it gets to the guitar.

The drums are also improved slightly in this version (I replaced the snare drum with some samples I had instead of using the original sound from the drum machine).

I decided to re-release this track because the MOD format was not actually able do some of the things that MED supported.

Warning!  This track does not play properly on any PC player I know of... you really need a 100% OctaMED compatible player to listen properly.

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