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Buzz Machines

This is a fully functional, freeware music studio.  A bit hard to use, but opens some new doors once you figure it out.

EastWest SoundsOnline

Online shop with many professional sound/instrument libraries.

Fruity Loops

This is currently my music editor of choice.  Fairly easy to learn, but it's quite a powerful tool.

Mod Archive

A great MOD related site.  Check here for music, reviews and tracker resources.

ModPlug Tracker

Here you can find ModPlug tracker, an excellent mod tracker with support for many audio formats.  You can get ModPlug Player here as well, which is arguably one of the best mod players available.  They also have a wealth of tracking resources including tutorials and links to instrument archives.

Nectarine Radio

Online Demoscene Radio.  A great collection scene related music ranging from old to new.  A few of my own tracks are played here on occasion too!


Alpha Conspiracy

The webpage of Andrew Sega (aka Necros from the MOD scene).  AC makes some great electronic tracks.

Bjorn Lynne

The official site and online CD shop of Bjorn Lynne.  He covers a diverse range of styles including fantasy, trance, and game music.


The website of Ecliptic, who writes some really nice classic, electronic, ethnic and ambient music.

Frequency 44

This is the site for Frequency 44.  This is the group that Andreas (DarkStar.) and I created.  Check this site for news and downloads!

Nikolas Sideris

The webpage of Nikolas Sideris.  Nikolas is a great guy and he writes some great classical music as well as other styles.


Nobuyuki's personal site.  A fellow tracker from the MOD scene.



The homepage of DarkStar, a fellow tracker and game enthusiast.  Check out his site for some music and gaming information.

Jesse Sinclair

Jesse's deviantArt page.  He's got some cool artwork posted here.


Shaporo is a friend and web developer.  He's done some cool things with 3D rendering and Flash.  His site seems to be hosting a demo for some prospective client at the moment.


Another good friend of mine, Gagan's site.  He has dedicated his site to the memory of his late grandfather.

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