Digital Art

I have been interested in all types of computer graphics from the background images in early Sierra games to the more recent computer generated imagery prominent in movies like Shrek.  Graphic artists have been pushing the limits of whatever technology they can get their hands on, and it is sometimes suprising what they have been able to come up with.  Contained within are some of my attempts at digital creation.

Sketches & Drawings

These are drawings that I have made using a pencil and paper.  Almost all of my pencil sketches were done using a .5mm mechanical pencil and a blank piece of typing paper.  I've picked up a few techniques from several "How To" books over the years, not to mention the art classes I took in high school.  There's a strong focus on fantasy characters, inspired by artists such as Larry Elmore (D&D Art), Wendy Pini (ElfQuest Art), and perhaps a little bit of Disney.

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